Artificial Intelligence and the Intelligence Community


Recent advancements in machine learning, cloud computing, and the availability of training data have led to new and impressive applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across many different domains. These advances have occurred more rapidly than anticipated, led primarily by the private sector and academia, although newly-developed AI capabilities also offer significant potential for national security applications. For example, machine learning techniques related to computer vision and natural language processing can enable substantial automation of manually-intensive processes like satellite imagery analysis, document exploitation, and predictive analytics. Operationalizing the value of this disruption requires making an organizational investment in AI and adopting a machine learning approach to intelligence. This includes influencing and adopting commercial capabilities when those capabilities overlap with mission needs. It also involves identifying the unique mission requirements that won’t be solved by commercial solutions, and developing in-house expertise to build those unique applications. Finally, the community must also carefully consider major strategic transformations necessary to bring about the workforce, resources, and tradecraft of the future.