Andrew Merlino

Co-Founder & President
Pixel Forensics

Andrew Merlino, currently the CEO of Pixel Forensics, has over 30 years of industry experience in operational software systems development and multimedia analytics. He has gained technical, business and management skills from companies large and small. While at Raytheon, he was part of Raytheon’s electronic part analysis program involving CAD/CAM and decision tree analysis. At MITRE Corporation, Andrew managed “Broadcast News Navigator”, breaking new ground in automated on-demand news processing. At Virage, he established and managed the Virage Advanced Technology lab in Massachusetts; building it into a successful, self funded research and product development organization. At BBN technologies, Andrew established and managed a successful and profitable image analysis group. Pixel Forensics was founded by Andrew and two others in 2007. Pushing technology in new exciting and innovative ways is a repeated career theme which continues as Andrew leads Pixel Forensics forward. His thirst for taking on new challenges and developing solutions that address complex challenges is a driving force behind Pixel Forensics.
Andrew’s training comes his education and participation at technical conferences. Andrew graduated with a B.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a M.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University. He currently holds 3 patents.  As a recognized leader in his field, Andrew has attended and presented at numerous technical conferences. He has taken numerous business and management courses at Boston University as well as corporate seminars. Recently Andrew received an Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship award from the University of Massachusetts.
Although he is proud of his career, he will tell you first hand that he is more proud of his accomplishments of his wife, two daughters and son.

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